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she may seem fine a girl that has everything in line
she hums the song where is my mind. Delusion
that maybe shes just edibility divine. the month of the ending year was her growing. noticing that what we all have in common the vigorous sinking vortex, down in the soil we are planted to rise again, swimming through the dark, she worries alot this girl, who am i to become the rose, or the weesatch By kristen

sometimes i feel like i could really be a bad person, like at somepoint just snap and be everything i fears of becoming thats always in the back of my mind…its hard to say but it seems so easy…but i never do, i stay nice i remind myself not to be mean for the relationship of whomever, stay positive, be the better half.of yourself does anyone else feel like this? i already feel wierd anof

all in all, i think that if a guy has a girl as a friend he would still fantisize about them or be attracted to certain parts of there personality that they like so much, its the not being “sexy” or appealing to the eye that actually holds them back for wanting to go offical in a relationship or sex, so if a guy has a girl as a friend there probally always going to have that connection. By kristen

Capricorns are always direct & honest when ask a question, because we really couldent see dragging it out for the fact of we hate playing with peoples minds especially those we care for. besides we use the “how would i feel”. i wouldent say were self absorbed, but we deff are aware of that your a person & sympathy to you especially ending of any relationship, and its a disgusting feeling so honesty is the best policy. however screw capricorns over, and believe me on that they will notice the mind games, you`ve dropped yourself from allis to lesser than an aquantince in the capricorns book. By former capricorn feelings