Hello! names Kristen
sun-Capricorn/moon-Libra. 21 of age, in the south of Texas, living life so far so good :) enjoy!
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I feel i’m very intelligent, but feeling so many years have been influenced by others that I am not, well…you kind of get stuck in a very unwell-ed mind. & you become scared of even to make a move that would attract any kind of attention because of the fear of anyone knowing anything that they can remember of you good or bad. you want to keep its isolated so that they don’t get stuck in your rambling of insecurities. that’s what i fear the most. people getting to really know me. By kristen

oh man, this personality disorder is a real bitch….if i could describe it to someone. id reply with well, all you feel is all these overwhelming emotions, & some days you dont feel anything just checkout of reality, the worse is the constant faking that you do just to prove to whomeveraround that your normal, oh yeah lol an i lot of “unordinary” thinking…its just not fun okay By kristen

what do you want"
“to be beautiful”
“do you think that everything would be better if that was the case?”
“yes, i truly do, i guess i hate myself that much By kristen